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Home Equity Loan

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Home Equity Line

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Credit Cards

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A one-time loan* for your borrowing needs.

Fixed rate, fixed payments are good for those who like consistency.

Use for a large purchase, to consolidate debt, and pay for home repairs and upgrades.

Borrow, repay, repeat…it’s that easy with a revolving line of credit*. Our most flexible, low rate loan that can be used to pay off higher rate credit card balances, pay for home improvements, take advantage of sales, almost anything you can buy, pay for it with your line of credit.

TIP: For your peace of mind, it's good to have money available when you need or want it.

Making your purchases is fast and convenient when you use a Partnership Bank credit card+.

All credit cards are enhanced with secure EMV technology and are ready to place into your mobile wallet.

And you have the option to earn rewards, cash back, or travel miles.  For both consumer and businesses.


*Loans subject to credit approval and standard underwriting guidelines including loan to value requirements. Other terms and conditions may apply.

+Subject to Bank/credit approval and standard underwriting guidelines. Other terms and conditions may apply. Subject to change. See credit card disclosures for devices compatible with mobile wallet.