Take advantage of marketplace opportunity

Leasing: Two Sides of the Same Coin

As a buyer of equipment. With a minimal up-front investment, leasing provides a specific payment for a fixed time period, enabling you to hold on to your cash to invest it in other areas of your business.

As a seller of equipment. You make money when you sell equipment. We can help you help your clients, by customizing a lease financing program for your sales team. In the end, you make the sale and your clients win by having the equipment they need at a price that’s easy on their budget.


Leasing Advantages:

- Helps preserve your working capital.

- Soft costs (installation, service contracts, etc.) can be included in lease.

- Reduced cash outlay

- Flexible terms and payment options.

- Can ease budget constraints when meeting with unexpected expenditures.

- Helps business keep pace with emerging technology.

- A short-term lease gives business an opportunity to evaluate whether the equipment fits the need.

- Preserves Bank Lines


When You Partner with Partnership Bank:

- We are committed to providing financial tools that businesses need to succeed. Today, 80% of all businesses use leasing to acquire equipment.

- Turnaround Time: Leasing can be arranged quicker than other forms of financing.

- We do what it takes to help businesses take advantage of marketplace opportunities when businesses need to upgrade or lease new equipment.

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Commercial Leasing

$20,000 to $5 Million


Vendor Lease Financing

Financing to Offer Your Clients


Municipal Leasing

Alternative Financing


Our Commercial Leasing Program is designed for equipment leasing and financing needs ranging from $20,000 up to $5 million. Our professionals are experts at interpreting financial information and understanding how it applies to everyday business, allowing us to give you straight answers without wasting time!

Program highlights include:

- Full financial disclosure required for

  credit approval.

- Minimum of 3 years in business.

- New and used equipment eligible.

- Lease may be written with a $1.00

  buyout, a Fair Market Value buyout,

  a 10% or 20% residual, a TRAC lease, or structured creatively to suit your needs.

- Pricing competitive with traditional  bank loans with similar characteristics.

Offer your customers lease financing options through our Vendor Lease Financing Program. Whether you’re selling construction equipment, manufacturing equipment, technology, or anything in between, partner with us.

Program highlights include:

- Local Wisconsin team to provide in-person support for your business and your customers.

- Customized Lease Financing Programs built-to-suit your equipment and industry.

- Flexible Options for your customers based on their operating needs.

- Training for your sales team.

Our expertise and community bank approach to leasing can help support your business’ sales goals while providing customized financing for your customers. Call to explore how Partnership Bank’s Vendor Leasing Program can positively impact your business success!

Our Municipal Lease Financing Program is designed to offer tax exempt municipal lease financing to states, counties, cities, towns and other municipalities. We offer competitive rates, extensive industry knowledge, and dedicated personal service to make the process of obtaining financing easy for you.

Program highlights include:

- Transaction sizes from $25,000 to $10 million.

- Qualifying customers must be states, counties, cities, townships, other municipalities, qualified volunteer fire departments, and some other specific types of governmental units.

- Federal government agencies may also be eligible for leasing or financing.

- Eligible equipment can be virtually any type of essential use collateral from fire trucks to software.

- Many buildings projects also qualify for municipal lease financing.

- Tax-exempt leases are structured as a series of one year renewable obligations, which are subject to the governmental entity's ability to appropriate funds.

- Our pricing can be the lowest in the industry. We believe in no frills, fees or hidden costs when doing business with municipalities.